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Pin4Ever was launched in September 2012, after 3 solid months of programming. It was originally designed as just a backup service, but since then, Pin4Ever has become one of the coolest things to ever happen to Pinterest. Pinterest even seems to copy features from Pin4ever, including the "copy" feature itself! However, their copy is still not as easy to use, and doesn't include the Rearrange feature, and can't copy other people's pins, among many other problems. Pin4Ever continues to push the boundaries of what can be done with pins, and new features are added regularly.

From Christina, Co-Founder of Pin4Ever

From Ray, CTO and Co-Founder

From Christina, Co-Founder of Pin4Ever

If you're interested in Pin4Ever, you're probably a devoted Pinterest user, like me. Pinning images of home decor and cute animals, tips on cleaning and parenting, quotes that inspire us, and crafts and recipes that we want to try helps us define ourselves and what we value in life. Our pins also help us envision who we want to be, and can serve as a springboard for us to achieve our goals and live better, happier lives.

I think I must have been born a lover of animals and nature, because most of my earliest memories are of exploring wild places and my fascination with bugs and the neighbors' dogs. I have a soft spot for stray and injured animals, and have rescued more than I can count over the years, including turtles, birds, dogs and bunnies hit by cars and taken to the vet, abandoned baby birds and squirrels raised and returned to the wild, a turtle hatched from an unburied egg and then released, numerous lost cats and dogs returned to their owners (or unclaimed and re-homed, or still living with us), and even a rooster found by the highway who needed his injured leg amputated. In my late teens, I became a vegetarian, due to my love of animals. Food-wise, I get cravings for coleslaw, guacamole, pizza and Raisin Nut Bran cereal. I recently started eating meat again.

My heroes and inspirations in life include my parents, Jesus, St. Joan of Arc, St. Francis of Assissi, Nicola Tesla, Harriet Tubman, Congressman Ron Paul, John Galt from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, and Joe Pike from Robert Crais' novels. My parents tell me I was reading at age two, and my test scores in high school qualified me for a Mensa invitation, so I guess I'm a bit of a brainiac. I go through tons of books, both non-fiction and fiction, which I often pick up at second-hand stores to keep my reading habit affordable. I also enjoy searching the thrift stores for interesting vintage items, which I often sell through eBay, along with other miscellaneous items.

My love of writing used to find an outlet on Helium.com, where I penned articles on crafts, parenting, pets, saving money and other interesting topics, and also act as a Channel Manager. I have also practiced as an attorney on and off over the past 24 years, and worked in property management, while raising my kids as a semi-stay-at-home-mom and otherwise pursuing my dreams.

I hated the thought of possibly losing all the valuable and motivating information on my Pinterest boards. It would be like losing a part of me, and a source of inspiration for my self-improvement and personal growth. I wanted to come up with a solution to safeguard it, so I turned to my significant other, who also happens to be a dynamite computer programmer (see below), and he said he could invent something to backup the pins from Pinterest. I'm very happy about the security that Pin4Ever offers by downloading my pins and "likes" into a safe backup file on my own personal computer. I'm also excited about the extra helpful features that Ray came up with in the Pin4Ever backup that make my information even more accessible, useful and enjoyable: the ability to search my content; the different display options; and the "Top Pins" category that shows my most popular pins.

I hope you will give Pin4Ever a try, and my guess is that you'll love it as much as I do! So please feel free to share your thoughts and give us your feedback through the Contact Us link, and come along for the ride!

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About Us

From Ray, CTO and Co-Founder

I have been writing programs for computers since I was 12 years old; I didn't have a computer back then, but was hoping that someday I would be allowed to enter my programs into the TRS-80 computer they had at school.

I ended up building my own computer out of discrete components, using money that I started earning at age 14, from my jobs at Winn Dixie and then McDonalds. This was back when 2K RAM chips were a lot of memory, and 4 bit processors could do just about anything; I used this computer to run one of two robotic heads that I also built, and by inventing and building projects like this, I ended up learning about many different programming languages, and also learned how to design and build custom electronic circuits.

I knew Christina from High School. I met her again, later in life, and we became partners, and then took part in the best creation I have ever been a part of.... no, not Pin4Ever, but our daughter! Christina was spending so much time on Pinterest, I was hoping that creating this site would at least help pay some of the bills.

I have worked on many different projects for many different companies. One of my most recent projects has been building the custom control hardware and software for plasma/ozone generators to purify the water at many of the major zoos and aquariums around the country, including Busch Gardens, the San Diego Zoo, the Georgia Aquarium, the Maryland Aquarium and many others. I have also worked on major projects for Disney, working on the hardware and software for the Spaceship Earth remodel including a complete ride simulator, the Enchanted Art Paintings facial recognition and speech tracking, and the Surveillance system for the Turtle Talk show in the Animator's Palette restaurant on Disney's new cruise ships, the Fantasy and the Dream.

I have also invented and built a number of different things, including Talking Trading Cards, the CD-ROM trading/business card, Hang-gliding Kites (I didn't invent those, but did build and fly them), and various custom electronic devices. I also have designed many different software applications: Compucraft was the first program ever, as far as I know, that would take photos and convert them to cross-stitch patterns; MaxScape is an online virtual 3D landscaping program. I also created a line of Android preschool learning apps that teach all kinds of subjects using a virtual bubble wand, where kids actually blow on the phone to create bubbles. I also work on UpWork.com where I solve problems for hundreds of other very inventive and creative people, from amazing artists and hydroponics automaters, to Japanese stamp collectors. One of my own recent products, called Steemir.com helps people monetize their YouTube videos using Steem cryptocurrency.

I have done auto repair including rebuilding transmissions, done construction including framing, drop ceilings, electrical, and drywall, and during some rough years, bagged groceries, flipped burgers, swept floors, and dug ditches. I have done all kinds of work, and have never been intimidated by anything with computers: my personal motto has always been, "if you can think it, I can do it". I proved this while working automating things at the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, where I won 9 Employee of the Month awards, and 3 President's awards in 5 years.

I dropped out of college after the first year, and am self-taught in everything I do; although, I owe a big part of my creativity, morality, patience, and intelligence to my mother and father. I have a difficult time of doing anything, without putting my heart and soul into it, and that includes this website, so I hope it will provide value to you. If you ever have any problems doing a backup, or with anything else for that matter, or just want to chat, please don't hesitate to contact me.

As for Pinterest, I don't really care much about Pinterest or pinning at all. I would rather live my dreams than to just sit on the computer all day looking at pictures and text about what other people are doing. I'm glad that Pin4Ever provides a service for people like me, that have to deal with Pinterest for marketing or other reasons, but would rather automate as many of the tasks as possible. In my spare time, I prefer spending time with my daughter, and my dog. I also love running, rowing, surfing, flying airplanes (I got my pilots license in one month when I was 19), and anything to do with the outdoors and fitness. I used to row, and came in 2nd place in Florida once, for the collegiate ergathon. I love animals too, and in fact, I am the one who ended up paying $500 for the rooster's leg amputation that Christina mentions above... that same rooster we kept in the house for a while so raccoons couldn't get him, and he made for a very interesting voice conference meeting with me and some top Disney executives, when he started crowing right next to me in the middle of my Skype meeting!

One of my favorite quotes: "If I gave up every time I failed, I would have never invented the meatball cannon. " - Uncle Gaston, Meet The Robinsons

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