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For instructions on installing Pin4Ever or using the features, please see Installation and Usage Instructions.

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For a list of the most recent Pin4Ever updates: Pin4Ever Update Information.

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General Questions and Answers

  • Question: I am ready to buy now! Where do I pay for a plan?

    Answer: You need to install and run Pin4Ever, and click on the litte blue gear, to open the settings dialog. At the top of the settings dialog, there is a link, View or upgrade my plan, that will take you to the payment options and show your current account details.
  • Question: I have Firefox addons installed that are preventing Pin4Ever from detecting that I am logged into Pinterest. Do I need to remove them in order for Pin4Ever to work?

    Answer: Most likely. Depending on the addon and what it is doing, it may prevent other normal addons, such as Pin4Ever, from functioning properly. Please see step 2 of Technical Support.
  • Question: The Move, Copy, Delete, Rearrange, and Update are not available as options. Can you not use those features with the trial version?

    Answer: All of the features are available for free, except for Update. Move, Copy, Delete, Rearrange, and Update only work on pages, not on the local backup; whereas, Discard and Upload only work on the local backup pins, not on pins.

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Example Of Too Many Firefox Addons

Installing Pin4Ever

Exclude Pin4Ever From Your Anti-virus

Running A Backup

Bulk Editing

Installation and Usage Instructions

  • How to Install the Pin4Ever Program

    1. Install the latest version of Firefox, if you do not have it yet, you can get it here:
    2. Close all browser windows for best results. Open a new Firebox browser window, and go to You don't need to sign in to our website.
    3. Anti-virus software may block the installation of Pin4Ever. If you have anti-virus software running, add to the anti-virus software exclusion list:

      1. - Avast Antivirus Instructions:
        Exclude Specific Website/Domain/URL from All Avast Antivirus Scans
        1. Open the Avast user interface and go to Settings -> Active Protection
        2. Click on the Customize link for the Web Shield
        3. Find the menu item Exclusions and add ** including the asterisks to the URLS to exclude box to exclude from scanning by the Avast Web Shield.
      2. - Norton Antivirus Instructions:
        Exclude files or folders from scan
        1. Start your Norton product, then click Settings
        2. For Norton Internet Security or Norton AntiVirus: In the Computer tab, click AntiVirus and SONAR Exclusions.
        3. In the Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR and Download Intelligence Detection row, click Configure. In the Real Time Exclusions window, click Add.
        4. Select Files from the drop-down list, or click Add Files.
    4. Check the box to agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click the green Install Now button, and click Allow on the pop-up box that appears on the top left. Click the link to restart Firefox to install. When Firefox restarts, you will see the Pin4Ever Toolbar has been added.
  • How to Run a Backup

    1. Open a Firefox window.
    2. Go to the website, and sign in to your Pinterest account. If it is your first backup with the new program, choose a board for repinning the Pin4Ever pin.
    3. Click the Run Backup button on the top left of the Pin4Ever toolbar.
    4. In the pop-up window, check the boxes next to the boards you want to back up.
    5. Click the Backup Selected Boards button at the bottom of the pop-up window to start the backup.
  • How to Use Bulk Editing (Move, Copy, Delete, and/or Rearrange)

    1. Open a Firefox browser window.
    2. Go to, and sign in if necessary.
    3. We recommend that you run a backup before editing, just in case you accidentally delete pin(s) and then want them back.
    4. If you will be moving or copying pins to a new board, go to your Boards page and create your new board on Pinterest. Refresh your boards list by logging out and then back into Pinterest. (We are working on a change to make this automatic in the future.)
    5. Go to your Pinterest boards page, then click on the board you would like to edit.
    6. Click on the button for the function you want to perform (Move, Copy, Delete, and/or Rearrange).
    7. Click the pins to select them to be edited. A "sticky note" will appear on the clicked pins to show which ones you have chosen to edit.
    8. You may select a different function, and then click the pins for that function. However, you can only choose one destination board. For example, you can copy some pins AND move some pins to your Crafts board, but you cannot copy some to your Crafts board AND move some to your Recipe board in one click.
    9. After you have finished selecting all of the functions and pins, use the drop-down box labeled "Move/Copy/Upload To" to choose the destination board you want to put the pins on. (This is not necessary if you are not moving or copying any pins.)
    10. Click the Execute button to complete the editing.
  • Additional instructions can be found in our blog article: How to Use Pin4Ever's Power Tools for Pinterest

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Technical Support

Here are some tips to get you up and running quickly:

  1. If Pin4Ever isn't working, the first thing to try is to reset Firefox and then reinstall Pin4ever:
  2. Be sure that you are running the latest version of Pin4Ever. To check if you have the latest version, from the Firefox upper left, click the Firefox dropdown or Tools menu option, then click on Addons -> Extensions, then click on the gear on the upper right, and then click on Check for Updates... this will update you to the latest version of Pin4Ever; you will need to restart the browser for the updates to take effect. If there is an update available, Firefox should notify you daily, unless you have automatic updates turned off; however, you can use the above method to manually check for updates at anytime.
  3. The fastest way for us to diagnose your problem is for you to send us your Pinterest password, so we can log in as you and see if you have some new Pinterest feature. It may also be helpful to upload a log file of your recent activity to us, by clicking on the Pin4Ever settings icon on the toolbar, and then click on the link at the bottom, Send current log file to Pin4Ever. We give bonus plan time for users that are the first to notify us of Pinterest changes that affect the operation of Pin4Ever.

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