A New Pin4Ever Tool for Managing Group Boards

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A New Pin4Ever Tool for Managing Group Boards

Do you host a group board on your Pinterest account?  If so, you have probably had problems at some point with fake pinners who gain access and then post spam or other unwanted images on your board.  Or perhaps you have a lot of active pinners, and your board has so many pins, you are close to Pinterest’s limit.   For these reasons and more, group board owners can save themselves a lot of time and trouble by deleting multiple pins in a single step.

Pin4Ever’s Bulk Editing tools have been offered free to the pinning public for over a year now, since August 2013.  These tools let you move, copy, delete, and even rearrange multiple pins in one step right on your Pinterest board.  (Which is so much easier than doing them one by one!)  But, up until recently, you could only remove an image that you had pinned yourself.

Now, in August 2014, Pin4Ever has the new ability to delete a batch of pins on a group board which is owned by you —  even if you weren’t the person who pinned them.  This will make it easy for the owners of group boards to quickly eliminate spam, or weed out less popular pins if there are just too many.  (However, only the person who owns the group board will have this ability to delete others’ pins.)

To use Pin4Ever’s free Bulk Delete function, simply install our program from www.pin4ever.com .  Then, open a Firefox window, go to the Pinterest website, and sign in to your Pinterest account.  Go to your boards page, and click the group board that you want to delete pins from.  While viewing the board, click the dark pink Delete button on the Pin4Ever toolbar, and then click each pin you want to remove, scrolling down if you like.  After selecting the pins to delete, click the Execute button on the Pin4Ever toolbar, and wait for it to process the pins.

If it is your first time trying Pin4Ever, you will also get a one week free trial of many of our other helpful tools, such as saving a backup of all of your pins, boards, and likes on your computer.  And even after your trial week, you’ll be able to keep enjoying the benefits of the free tools, including Bulk Editing, Pin Anything, and more.  For more details, please see Pin4Ever Plans . https://www.pin4ever.com/#plans

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  1. Is there no “what’s new?” I just got told that I needed to upgrade (again) to 12.4 (???) with a link to “what’s new” — but it’s not clickable. Can’t see “what’s new!!

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