Pinterest Down? Pin4Ever Backups to the Rescue!

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Is Pinterest down? Pin4Ever can help! Yesterday, thousands – perhaps millions – of people around the globe experienced problems with Pinterest. Today, many people are still reporting that Pinterest is down for them on Twitter.  When the Pinterest website has its glitches, it’s nice to know that a Pin4Ever backup saved on your own computer has a copy of all the information you need.

Among the numerous complaints about losing Pinterest access yesterday, one pinner said she needed a recipe for her child’s birthday party, and couldn’t make it because she couldn’t get to her pin.  If she had had a Pin4Ever backup, she could have easily searched for the recipe, and then clicked the link in it to go to the original website that was the source of the pin.

Many other pinners are reporting that their Pinterest Followers and Following are disappearing. With a Pin4Ever backup, in addition to your pins, likes and boards, you also have a complete record of your Followers and Following on the date you run the backup, in case you ever need it.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Pinterest has had down time.  Even The Huffington Post has covered similar Pinterest website glitches in the past.  Why take the risk that you may lose access to your pins and other information, either temporarily or permanently? Protect your account with a Pin4Ever backup today!

How to Find and Fix Broken Links on Pinterest Pins

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The fast and easy way to find and fix broken links on your Pinterest pins! Pinterest pins with broken or dead links are incredibly annoying. When you are browsing all of the beautiful, helpful pins on Pinterest, there is nothing worse than clicking to go to the website for more information — and it just isn’t there. Perhaps the blog has moved to a new website, or the post has been renamed, but the content has certainly gone missing for some reason.

Expert Pinterest marketers tell us that having pins with broken links will make a pinner look sloppy and unprofessional. For your own personal use, if you someday decide to do that craft, or make that recipe, or buy that product that you pinned, you’ll be disappointed to click through and see nothing but an error message. Causing our followers this kind of frustration is not what any blogger, business owner or individual wants to do! And if it’s your own website’s pins that have broken links, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic!

Though Pinterest may occasionally correct your link if it’s an image and website they are familiar with, there are still a lot of broken links out there on millions of boards. And in trying to help, Pinterest may guess wrong and add another incorrect link, as they acknowledge on their Help page.

I’m actually quite careful about what I pin, and almost always click through the link to verify it before pinning. But when I used Pin4Ever to check for broken links on my personal boards, I found several dozen! It shows that even careful pinners are sure to have some bad links on their pins.

In order to clear your account of those annoying pins with broken links, your first step should be to identify them with Pin4Ever’s new Find Broken Links tool. When you run a backup, after selecting your boards, simply check the box at the very bottom of the pop-up which says, “Check for Broken Links.” After running the backup, click the Broken Links icon on the Pin4Ever toolbar. A page will come up, displaying the pins our program has located which have bad links.

While Pin4Ever can’t find every inaccurate link, it can help you find many of them. For example, if someone pinned the main page of a blog instead of the exact article, this won’t show up as a broken link, since there is actually content there. Many times, though, the link problem will be caused by a 404 “Page not found” error, or because the content has been transferred to a different website, and Pin4Ever will show you these pins. If you want to verify that the link is no good, and see the type of error, you can click “View Original Source” under the pin image on your Broken Links page.

Once you have identified a broken link through Pin4Ever, you will want to correct the broken link by finding the true source. First, click the link under the image which says “View on Pinterest.” The pin on the Pinterest website will open in a new tab. At this point, I like to resize my window to about half the width of the screen, so it is on the left side. Then I click the Firefox icon to open a new window, which will also be half-size, and then drag this new window to sit side-by-side to the right of the original window. In the new window, I go to Google Images. Then, I left click the original pin image and, holding down the left mouse button, I drag the image to the new window, and drop it in Google Image’s search box.

Google Image will then list a bunch of websites which have that image. In looking for the original, the best source will have the largest sized image, will usually be an original website (rather than Pinterest or Facebook), and will have the earliest date. When you see a promising source, click through to the website and see if it seems original, or if it gives a link to the actual source. When you have found the original source, copy the link, and then click Edit on your Pinterest pin, and add that link for the source of the pin.

If you would rather see similar instructions for finding accurate links with some pictures to help, please see Cleaning Up Your Pinterest Boards.

If you haven’t tried Pin4Ever’s backups and other helpful Pinterest tools yet, you can take advantage of our one week free trial by clicking the green Install now button on our website’s main page.  After your free trial, you can buy any plan (Basic plans start at $4.99/month, Premium plan is $49.99/year) to continue running backups, which now includes our helpful “Find Broken Links” feature.

How to Pin a Pinterest Board

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How to Pin a Pinterest board, the Easy Way with This FREE Tool!When I am browsing Pinterest, I sometimes see a fantastic board that I want to come back to later because I don’t have time to get through all of the pins. I also keep a board with links to my favorite websites, and sometimes I want to include a whole Pinterest board as a resource on a certain topic, too.

Of course, the Pin It button does not work on the Pinterest website. And even following a board is not going to ensure that you see all of the pins now, since Pinterest released their new Smart Feed. You’ll see some of the pins with Smart Feed, but pinning a board can remind you to go back to check for new pins that didn’t make it into your feed.

Pin4Ever’s Pin Anything button is a free tool that anyone can use to pin a Pinterest board. In fact, Pin Anything can be used on other websites like Facebook, which are otherwise difficult to pin from. It can even be used to pin articles which have only text and no image at all; just take a screenshot of the headline.

To use Pin Anything, follow these simple instructions:

1. Download the Pin4Ever program by clicking the green “Install Now” button on

2. Click the Power Tools button on the Pin4Ever toolbar, and click the Pin Anything button.  (If you are using the minimized toolbar, you only need to click the camera icon.)

3. Left click with your mouse at one corner of the image you want to create, and then drag away from that point until the rectangle is the size you want.

4. When you release the mouse button, you will see a pop-up box showing the custom screenshot you created, any description the website owner has provided for the page, and the link filled in for the webpage you are on. If you like, you can type in the description box to change it.  (Like on Pinterest, you can highlight any text that you want to include in your description, before clicking the Pin Anything button.)

5. When you’re happy with the image, description, and link, select a board from the drop down box at the top of the pop-up box, and click “Create Pin.”

It’s that simple to pin a Pinterest board, a Facebook post, or an article that lacks images. With this free tool offered by Pin4Ever, you really can “Pin Anything”!

A New Pin4Ever Tool for Managing Group Boards

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A New Pin4Ever Tool for Managing Group Boards

Do you host a group board on your Pinterest account?  If so, you have probably had problems at some point with fake pinners who gain access and then post spam or other unwanted images on your board.  Or perhaps you have a lot of active pinners, and your board has so many pins, you are close to Pinterest’s limit.   For these reasons and more, group board owners can save themselves a lot of time and trouble by deleting multiple pins in a single step.

Pin4Ever’s Bulk Editing tools have been offered free to the pinning public for over a year now, since August 2013.  These tools let you move, copy, delete, and even rearrange multiple pins in one step right on your Pinterest board.  (Which is so much easier than doing them one by one!)  But, up until recently, you could only remove an image that you had pinned yourself.

Now, in August 2014, Pin4Ever has the new ability to delete a batch of pins on a group board which is owned by you —  even if you weren’t the person who pinned them.  This will make it easy for the owners of group boards to quickly eliminate spam, or weed out less popular pins if there are just too many.  (However, only the person who owns the group board will have this ability to delete others’ pins.)

To use Pin4Ever’s free Bulk Delete function, simply install our program from .  Then, open a Firefox window, go to the Pinterest website, and sign in to your Pinterest account.  Go to your boards page, and click the group board that you want to delete pins from.  While viewing the board, click the dark pink Delete button on the Pin4Ever toolbar, and then click each pin you want to remove, scrolling down if you like.  After selecting the pins to delete, click the Execute button on the Pin4Ever toolbar, and wait for it to process the pins.

If it is your first time trying Pin4Ever, you will also get a one week free trial of many of our other helpful tools, such as saving a backup of all of your pins, boards, and likes on your computer.  And even after your trial week, you’ll be able to keep enjoying the benefits of the free tools, including Bulk Editing, Pin Anything, and more.  For more details, please see Pin4Ever Plans .

How to Use Pin4Ever’s Power Tools for Pinterest

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How to use pin4ever power tools for pinningThe following instructions will take you through the Pin4Ever toolbar, from left to right, and then from top to bottom in each section, to learn what each button/link and feature does to help you  manage your Pinterest account and optimize your pinning experience.

General Instructions:  

To use any of the Pin4Ever features, the first step is to download our program from by clicking the green “Install Now” button. Pin4Ever is designed as a Firefox Add-on which can be used on Macs and Windows PCs, and also with Linux. If you haven’t installed Firefox yet, you will be given the link to do so when you click “Install Now.”

After installing Pin4Ever, when you open a Firefox browser window, you will see the Pin4Ever toolbar at the top of the screen. Each button is labeled with its function, and hovering over the button with your mouse will show more details. To use most of the features, you will need to be logged in to your Pinterest account; please see the directions in section I.C. below.

I. Backup Your Pins Section

A. Run backup:   Click this button to save a copy of your boards,     pins, and likes on your computer. A pop-up box will appear, and you can check or uncheck boxes to back up different boards, Likes, and even your Followers and Following with paid accounts.
B. Show Backup:   Click this button to best view your backed up boards, pins, and likes. On your backup, you will see some new categories, and choices for displaying your pins.
1.  Top Pins, Followers, Following, Likes
2.  Sort By – top left
3.  Board Display Style – top right
C. Account: [Pinterest Username]:   To use most of the features, you will need to be logged in to your Pinterest account on the Pinterest website. If you are not logged in, you can click the link on the far lower left of your toolbar, labeled “Account,” which shows your Pinterest username. Log in to your Pinterest account, and then you are ready to use Pin4Ever. If you have multiple accounts, Pin4Ever will act on the one that you are logged into on the Pinterest website. You can select the default account to view offline on the Settings page. See section B. below.

II. Settings Section

A. Mini Toolbar:   After you are more familiar with the buttons – or if you aren’t actively using them – you can minimize the toolbar to have more screen space by checking the box next to “Mini Toolbar” in the Settings section.
B. Settings:   Click this button to see a pop-up box with different settings options:
1. Account: View or upgrade my plan.   Click this link to see your current type of plan with Pin4Ever, and the time remaining, or to purchase another plan.
2. General Settings
a. Use small version of Pin4Ever toolbar.   Check this box to set your default preference of either the minimized (small) or maximized (large) version of the toolbar and buttons.
b. Show deleted Pinterest pins along with current Pinterest pins.  Check this box to display deleted pins on their original boards, as well as on the Deleted Pins page.
3. Account to use when offline.   If you have multiple Pinterest accounts, you can choose which one you want to view while offline with this setting.
4. Use default backup folder (Desktop/Pin4Ever-Data) OR Specify Folder.   You can change the location to store your backup with this setting, by clicking the circle next to your choice.
5. Prompt Duration; Page Timeout; Page Retries; Scroll to Bottom Timeout.  These settings are set to levels we believe are most user-friendly. However, depending on your internet connection, you may want to add more or less time for these.
6. Board Settings.   You can choose which boards to display in your Pin4Ever backup by checking or unchecking these boxes.
7. Search pin defaults.   With these default search settings, you can choose to search descriptions, url links, and/or match or words in your search terms. The default, most user-friendly settings is for the first two boxes to be checked (search descriptions and url links).
8. Find Duplicate Pins.  With these settings, you can search for duplicates that have the same descriptions, url links, image urls, and/or pin IDs. The user-friendly default setting is for the first two (descriptions and url links) to be checked.
9. Log Settings.   Here, you can choose how long you want to store your log files which keep a record of your activities using Pin4Ever, including any problems you may experience. If you have an issue, you will usually see a prompt appear that asks if you want to send your log in to Pin4Ever; this helps us identify and solve problems. If you have difficulty with the program, and don’t see a prompt, you can always click the link in this section to “Send current log file to Pin4Ever.” Please also send us an email to say you sent your log file and describe the issue you experienced, so we can solve any problems promptly.
C. Plan/Upgrade: This link shows your current plan with Pin4Ever, and also options and prices if you are interested in buying a plan.

III. Search Your Pins Section Type your word or phrase into the search box, and click Search to find pins or likes in your backup which have those words. (See section B7. for details on your search default settings.)

IV. Organize your Pins Section
A. Move, Copy, Delete, Rearrange:   These Bulk Editing buttons work directly on your Pinterest account to help organize your boards, by acting on multiple pins in a single step. To use them, go to your account by clicking your Pinterest username on the lower left of the Pin4Ever toolbar. Click the board you want to edit, click the function (move, copy, or delete), click the pins you want to edit, choose a board from the drop-down box for move and copy, and click Execute. For Rearrange, click the function, click the pins in the order you want them to appear, and click Execute.
B. Discard and Upload:   These Bulk Editing buttons work on images in your Pin4Ever backup. The process is the same as for section A. above, but you can use Discard and Upload on the deleted or duplicate pins in your backup, to remove them permanently from your backup (Discard), or to restore a deleted image to your Pinterest board (Upload).

V. Power Tools Section
A. Find Duplicates:   Click this button to see where a pin appears two or more times on any of your boards. To permanently delete a duplicate, you must first remove it from Pinterest, then also remove it from your backup. (See section IV.B. Discard.)
B. Find Deleted Pins:   Deleted pins will show up when you run a new backup, if pins are now missing from your Pinterest account but appeared in a previous backup. If you deleted a Pinterest pin on purpose, and also want it removed from your backup, click the orange Discard button, click the pin(s), and click Execute. If you accidentally deleted a pin, click the purple Upload button, click the pin, choose a destination board from the dropdown box, and click Execute to repin it.
C. Pin Anything:   Click this button when you are browsing the web and want to pin something, but the Pin It button won’t work. Pin Anything lets you take a custom-sized screenshot and add a description. Use it to pin text like an article headline, an image of a Pinterest board you want to remember, and more.
D. Scroll to Bottom:   Click this button to automatically go to the bottom of a slow-loading webpage, instead of waiting for each section to load. This is helpful for getting through big Pinterest boards, the Pinterest Home Feed, your Pin4Ever backup, and other websites when you want to see the content at the bottom.
E. Create a Pin:   This button accesses our pin design tools. You can add and resize custom background and foreground images from your computer or the web. Then add colored text, different fonts and sizes, borders, shadows, and more.
F. Bulk Image Upload:   This button lets you pin a batch of multiple images from your computer or from websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest. First, set the Default Board, Description, and Link at the top of the box — THEN click to add pins. If you add pins first, it will use the previous defaults. You can change the descriptions and links of individual pins in the bottom boxes after you add them, but if you want to change them in bulk you need to use the top box.
G. Power Follow:   This button brings up a pop-up box with options to let you bulk follow or unfollow other pinners. When you view a Pinterest account, or a board, you can follow the account’s or board’s followers. When viewing your own Pinterest account, you can follow all of the pinners following you, or unfollow those who aren’t following you back. You can add a pinner to the Whitelist or Blacklist by clicking on the pinner, and then clicking the button on top right “Whitelist Selected” or “Blacklist Selected.” (You can also use the Ctrl or Shift keys to select multiple pinners before clicking “Blacklist/Whitelist Selected.”) The Whitelist and Backlist only work within the Power Follow Tool; Blacklist means “Do not follow this pinner even if they come up in a list of people to follow,” and Whitelist means “Do not unfollow this pinner even if he/she comes up in a list of people to unfollow.” (But if you use the Follow/Unfollow buttons directly on the Pinterest website, it doesn’t access our lists, so you can still follow and unfollow pinners there regardless of Pin4Ever’s lists.)
H. Clean Home Feed:   Clicking this button while viewing your Pinterest Home Feed will remove any Related pins, and show you just the pins from boards and pinners you follow.
I. Restore from Backup This button brings up the console to allow you to batch repin multiple pins from your backed up boards, if a board or your whole Pinterest account has been deleted. It will automatically recreate your missing boards, and restore the pins to them.


Thanks for your interest in Pin4Ever. Our goal is to provide useful tools to help you enjoy your Pinterest pins and boards even more than before. Please let us know if you have any suggestions, comments, or additional questions.

The Easy, Fast, Free Way to See Your Most Popular Pins!

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What's the easiest, fastest, FREE way to see your most popular pins? Click to read the article!If you have a blog or website, I’m sure you’re aware of how much traffic Pinterest can generate for you.  Even if you have a personal account and no financial incentive, it’s flattering to gain followers and earn lots of repins and likes. But do you know exactly which of your pins are your followers’ favorites?  Though there are other methods, Pin4Ever’s backups have a quick, easy and free way to see at a glance the most repinned and liked content on your boards.

You can get information on your Most Repinned and Most Clicked pins from Pinterest’s own Analytics, if you have a business account.  However, it would take frequent downloads of the data and number crunching to figure out your most popular pins over a span of time.  Also, the Pinterest Analytics tools were added long after many pinners became active, and so they can’t tell you anything about pins made before March 12, 2013.

Another option is to keep track of Google Analytics’ reports of which pins are bringing visitors to your site.  Again, to do this, you will need to collect data over time, and then use a program or manually combine and sort the data.  And this information covers just the clicks, rather than your actual repins and likes on Pinterest.

Finally, you can choose to use a paid Pinterest analytics service to collect the data and analyze it for you.  There are a number of them out there.

But, there’s another alternative!  Instead of investing all that time, effort and/or money into gathering these useful facts about your pins, you can try a free Pin4Ever backup if you haven’t yet.

As soon as you run a Pin4Ever backup for the first time, you will have access to some helpful tools for refining your Pinterest strategy, and evaluating your pinning successes and failures.  When you click “Show Backup” on the Pin4Ever toolbar, the first category board you see will be your Top Pins!  All of the images from your Pinterest boards are here, and the ones that have gotten the most repins and likes will be at the top of the board.  Each pin in your backup will display the number of repins and likes, your description, a link to its location on Pinterest, and a link to the original website source.

From your main backup page, when you click on an individual category board, there is a link on the top left that lets you choose whether to sort by “most recent” or “most popular.”  With this, you can see the most popular pins on just one of your boards, if you like.

In addition to displaying your Top Pins, Pin4Ever has many other helpful tools that make managing a Pinterest account easier and more fun.  Please visit our homepage to read more about Pin4Ever’s features, and get a one week free trial, which includes backups and seeing your Top Pins.

When you view your most popular pins in your backup, you will get valuable information about what types of things you should be pinning more, to keep your followers interested and/or to further increase traffic to your blog or website.  You can even reuse these star pins by creating something like Made from Pinterest’s “Pinned over 1,000 times!” board, or by writing a blog post about your most successful pins!

Will you use Pin4Ever’s Top Pins to hone your pinning strategy for business or personal use?  Are there other tools we offer that help you manage your Pinterest account or market your business?  Please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Pinterest’s Next New Feature?

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Is Pinterest testing a new feature? Click for details!I was recently contacted by a fellow pinner, via a comment left on one of our Pin4Ever pins.  She said she had just joined Pinterest after Christmas, and had really liked the choice of “bold” background colors for viewing her boards.  After a malware attack and clearing her cache, she was left with only Pinterest’s standard “ugly gray background.”

The pinner asked if I knew of any remedy to restore the bold color option.  Unfortunately, I did not, as Pinterest offering a background color choice is not something I’ve experienced or read anything about.

Apparently, at least some pinners are being offered this option to change the background color.  Perhaps you have it on your own account, but haven’t noticed it yet.  The woman who contacted me said the color choice was located in a pull-down or drop-down box under the Likes section of her account.

The Pinterest Help section says “From time to time, we do test out new ideas and features with select groups of Pinners to make sure they really feel right before we introduce them to the rest of the world.”  After collecting data and feedback, the Pinterest team makes a decision about whether to roll out the new feature for all pinners, or try something else.

Have you seen the color choice option, or any other new feature tests, on your account?  Please let us know in the comments!

Pin4Ever Update Information

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Pin4Ever is a set of power tools for Pinterest that help you quickly protect, organize, create, and upload your pins. Pin4Ever is updated frequently to keep up with the latest changes that Pinterest.comPin4Ever Update Information makes to it’s site, and also to provide new features and enhance existing features. The details of these updates normally were only visible from the Firefox Addon Manager Extensions tab, but we are now also posting them here, so they are easier to view. Enjoy!

Pin4Ever Recent Updates

  • (v15.8 – May 1, 2015)
    1. Corrected problem with large logs being truncated when uploading
    2. Corrected appearance of view buttons on Macs
  • (v15.7 – May 1, 2015)
    1. Updated ‘Clean Home Feed’ feature to remove ‘Picked for you’ pins.
  • (v15.6 – May 1, 2015)
    1. Corrected problem with log uploading.
  • (v15.5 – May 1, 2015)
    1. Updated log uploading to require description of the problem.
  • (v15.4 – May 1, 2015)
    1. Added new web page backup feature for Ultimate Plan users to back up the HTML of pin’s linked web pages.
    2. Added new YouTube video backup feature for Ultimate Plan users to back up videos as MP4 files.
  • (v15.3 – Apr 21, 2015)
    1. Added new bulk update feature for Ultimate Plan users to allow bulk changing the link and/or description of pins.
    2. Added new feature to bulk editing to allow setting a delay between operations.
    3. Added new feature to bulk editing to allow seeing pin changes before beginning operations.
    4. Added new feature to bulk editing to edit list of pins before beginning operations.
    5. Added new feature to bulk editing to allow stopping operations and removing bad pins and then continuing.
  • (v15.2 – Mar 24, 2015)
    1. Corrected other problems with backups and bulk operations not working due to Pinterest changes.
    2. Corrected problem with Pinterest changing location of profile image.
    3. Corrected problems with pin, likes, followers, and following counts being incorrect due to non-Enlish language use of commas and periods in numbers  being the opposite of English language use.
  • (v15.1 – Mar 24, 2015)
    1. Corrected problem with backups and bulk operations not working due to Pinterest changes.
  • (v15.0 – Feb 27, 2015)
    1. Corrected problem with images not saving due to Firefox 36 update.
  • (v14.9 – Feb 22, 2015)
    1. Updated error logging for login procedure.
  • (v14.8 – Feb 17, 2015)
    1. Corrected problems with Pinterest changes causing Pin4Ever login problems.
  • (v14.7 – Feb 14, 2015)
    1. Corrected problems with Pinterest changes causing logouts.
    2. Corrected problem manually entering pin limits per category when using the Restore From Backup feature.
  • (v14.6 – Feb 13, 2015)
    1. Corrected problems with Pinterest changes breaking Restore From Backup feature.
    2. Corrected problems with Pinterest changes breaking the Move/Copy/Delete/Rearrange Bulk operations.
  • (v14.5 – Feb 13, 2015)
    1. Corrected multiple problems introduced by Pinterest changing completely over to https.
    2. There are still other problems occurring, but the Pinterest website keeps changing by the minute. Will wait for it to settle down before attempting more fixes.
  • (v14.4 – Jan 17, 2015)
    1. Corrected problem introduced by obfuscation procedure.
  • (v14.3 – Jan 17, 2015)
    1. Added new feature to allow discarding entire boards from a backup.
  • (v14.2 – Jan 14, 2015)
    1. Corrected problem with Firefox version 35 preventing Pin4Ever from logging into Pinterest.
    2. Corrected problem with Firefox version 35 preventing Pin4Ever from doing a backup.
    3. Corrected problem with Firefox version 35 preventing Pin4Ever from using Power Follow.
  • (v14.1 – Dec 3, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem of backup locking up on some secret boards.
    2. Shows the last Pinterest error in the log prompt, if one had occurred.
    3. Checks for new Pin4ever version before sending in the log.
  • (v14.0 – Nov 26, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem with Rearrange feature not working due to Pinterest changes.
  • (v13.9 – Nov 22, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem with ‘Backup New Pins Only’ pins appearing as if they are deleted from Pinterest when viewing a backup, if there were no new pins on the board.
  • (v13.8 – Nov 21, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem with Power Follow not working due to Pinterest changes.
    2. Corrected problem with pins backed up as new pins not appearing in the correct order when sorting by most recent.
  • (v13.7 – Nov 20, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem with pins appearing deleted if a backup is run with the ‘Backup New Pins Only’ option selected.
  • (v13.6 – Nov 20, 2014)
    1. Added a new feature to enable backing up new pins only.
    2. Added routines to speed up the backup and Power Follow.
    3. Added routines to make Pin4Ever less sensitive to Pinterest changes.
    4. Added informative text on the deleted pins, duplicate pins, and broken link pins pages when no pins are found
  • (v13.5 – Nov 16, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem with backup hanging when boards have a multiple of 25 pins, due to Pinterest returning null pin sets.
  • (v13.4 – Nov 15, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem with entire boards not backing up due to Pinterest changes.
    2. Backup now downloads original images, instead of Pinterest size images.
    3. Corrected problem with viewing backup when no backup has been run yet.
  • (v13.3 – Nov 15, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem with rearrange and backing up not working due to Pinterest changes.
    2. Added routines to make Pin4Ever less sensitive to Pinterest changes.
    3. Changed “Find Broken Links” feature to default to off.
    4. Added “Increased Time” warning for the “Find Broken Links” feature.
  • (v13.2 – Nov 13, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem with descriptions not moving, copying, or backing up, due to Pinterest changes.
    2. Added new “Find Broken Links” feature, which identifies pins that have broken links.
  • (v13.1 – Nov 5, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem with comments not moving, copying, or backing up, due to Pinterest changes.
  • (v13.0 – Nov 5, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem with backup board list not loading, due to Pinterest changes.
  • (v12.9 – Oct 22, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem with Pinterest login window closing before being able to log in.
  • (v12.8 – Oct 18, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem with backups not running on select Pinterest accounts due to Pinterest updates.
  • (v12.7 – Oct 16, 2014)
    1. Corrected problem in newly released Firefox 33.0 that prevented large Pin4Ever toolbar from displaying correctly.
    2. Corrected problem in newly released Firefox 33.0 that caused mini toolbar icons on Macs to be crowded together.
    3. Corrected problem in newly released Firefox 33.0 that caused the Power Follow window on Macs to not be wide enough.
  • (v12.6 – Oct 16, 2014)
    1. There is a bug in then newly released Firefox 33.0, that is preventing the standard Pin4Ever toolbar from displaying properly, so it has temporarily been disabled, and only the mini version will show for now.
  • (v12.5 – Oct 15, 2014)
    1. Added a new feature to the Bulk Image Upload to allow using the filename in the description.
    2. Fine tuned Pin4Ever error reporting to not prompt to upload the log too frequenty for minor errors.
  • (v12.4)
    1. Updated Pin4Ever to work with Pinterest changing to secure pages (https).
    2. Turned tiling off when viewing “Duplicate Pins” to make it easier to see duplicates.
    3. Enhanced bulk editing to show detailed error messages when Pinterest returns an error while moving or deleting pins.
  • (v12.3) Updated board list routine to use Pinterest’s new way of pulling board lists.
  • (v12.2) Corrected problems with crashing, creating pins, and uploading logs:
    1. Did a complete database code overhaul to compensate for the Firefox Sqlite crash bug: This should prevent most of the crashes that have been occurring.
    2. Create A Pin was updated to use a new save routine so that it does not hang up when saving the pin image.
    3. The logging system was updated to only prompt to upload logs when an actual error occurs, not when cancelling an operation.
  • (v12.1) Added new feature to Power Follow to give the option of not loading all current ‘Following’ when adding ‘Follows’ to the list.
  • (v12.0) Corrected problem with backup board list not loading, due to Pinterest changes.
  • (v11.9) Corrected problem with power following’s Following, and backing up Followings due to Pinterest changing the Following page.
  • (v11.8) Updated Pin4Ever to work with the latest rollout of Pinterest.
  • (v11.7) Corrected problem with power following’s Following, and backing up Followings due to Pinterest changing the Following page.
  • (v11.6) Corrected problem with power following due to Pinterest format changes.
  • (v11.5) Corrected problem with backing up and bulk actions due to Pinterest format changes.
  • (v11.4) Allowed bulk deletion of other Pinterest user’s pins on any group boards that you own.
  • (v11.3) Added several database performance enhancements, increasing backup speed, and decreasing crashes on slower machines.
  • (v11.2) Removed code that removes previous follower/following records that prevented duplicates for earlier Pin4Ever users.
  • (v11.1) Corrected problem Copy, Delete, and Rearrange not working because Pinterest was returning mixed and non-mixed case usernames.
  • (v11.0) Corrected problem with Pinterest now allowing uppercase characters in usernames.
  • (v10.9) Corrected problem restoring pins that have no description.
  • (v10.8) Compensated for problem with Pinterest when reading entire Following.
  • (v10.7) Removed repin settings from preferences/settings dialog.
  • (v10.6) Corrected problem with logging in due to Pinterest updates.
  • (v10.5) Corrected an error in version 10.4.
  • (v10.4) Corrected another problem with Pinterest updating the pin description location.
  • (v10.3) Corrected problem with Pinterest updating the pin description location.
  • (v10.2) Corrected problems logging in for users with the new Pinterest look.
  • (v10.1) Added restored pin history feature to prevent duplicate pins being restored after an error.
  • (v10.0) Updated plan link
  • (v9.9) Added view/upgrade plan link to large toolbar.
  • (v9.8) Corrected problem with missing icons.
  • (v9.7) Corrected problem with Power Follow.
  • (v9.6) Logging in made more robust.
  • (v9.5) Backups error handling made more robust.
  • (v9.4) New Feature: Restore From Backup.
  • (v9.3) Removed weekly repin requirement.
  • (v9.2) Corrected problem with rearranging pins on secret boards.
  • (v9.1) Corrected problem with bulk editing.
  • (v9.0) New Features: Clean Home Feed.
  • (v8.9) New Features: Power Follow white/black lists and filters.
  • (v8.8) Power Follow now follows board ‘Followers’.
  • (v8.7) Power Follow updates.
  • (v8.6) New feature: Power Follow.
  • (v8.5) Correct problem with backing up and bulk editing due to Pinterest updates.
  • (v8.4) Correct problem with logging in due to Pinterest updates.
  • (v8.3) Corrected problem with incorrect image file paths when using drag-n-drop on the bulk uploader.
  • (v8.2) Require paid plan to backup Followers/Following and to find follow backs.
  • (v8.2) Find Follow Backs feature added.
  • (v8.1) Corrected standard toolbar button spacing on Macs.
  • (v8.0) Corrected mini-toolbar button spacing on Macs.
  • (v7.9) Editing buttons are now enabled properly when switch tabs.
  • (v7.8) Changed default descriptions and links on pin creation tools.
  • (v7.7) Trimmed link before uploading on bulk image uploader.
  • (v7.7) Added more error checking to the bulk image uploader.
  • (v7.6) Corrected problem with Followers/Following being backed up even though initially unchecked.
  • (v7.5) Changed pin create routine to timeout after only 5 seconds on first upload attempt.
  • (v7.5) Corrected problem with adding commas to pin counts when pin count did not exist.
  • (v7.5) Changed minimum sizes on Pin Anything and Pin Creator to 120×80 and 80×120.
  • (v7.5) Auto detection of board create/update/delete.
  • (v7.4) More improvements to error handling of bulk image upload.
  • (v7.3) Improved error handling of bulk image upload.
  • (v7.2) Corrected small details of bulk image upload.
  • (v7.1) Corrected problem with bulk image upload.
  • (v7.0) Updated Followers and Following to match Pinterest changes.
  • (v6.9) Added open and save buttons to Create A Pin tool.
  • (v6.8) Removed followers and following from top pins and searches.
  • (v6.7) Added show likes, followers, following option to preferences.
  • (v6.6) Followers and following added to the backup.
  • (v6.5) Added pinterest error message to repin operation details, and automatic skip of pin.
  • (v6.4) Added retries to pin operation details, for partial page returns.
  • (v6.3) Added drag and drop functionality to pin designer and bulk uploader.
  • (v6.2) Added ‘new pin’ function to pin designer.
  • (v6.1) Added image editing, borders, margins to the pin designer.
  • (v6.0) Added pin images from Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • (v5.9) Corrected problems with canceling ‘Pin Anything’.
  • (v5.9) Corrected problem with button sizes on Macs.
  • (v5.9) Corrected problem with dialogs not having close button on Macs.
  • (v5.9) Corrected problem with default repin board being empty.
  • (v5.8) Corrected problem with obfuscated regex.
  • (v5.7) Added text shadows to the ‘Create A Pin’ tool.
  • (v5.6) Removed test code.
  • (v5.5) Added clipboard and hilite features to the ‘Create A Pin’ tool.
  • (v5.4) Corrected problem with additional unneeded pages with no pins causing freeze up.
  • (v5.3) Pin designer now working.
  • (v5.2) Fixes problem with pin creator
  • (v5.1) Fixes problem connecting to
  • (v5.0) Fixes for latest changes
  • (v5.0) Bulk image uploading for premium customers
  • (v4.6) Added new support feature
  • (v4.5) Added sort order options to backed up pins
  • (v4.4) Removed username error
  • (v4.3) Removed empty backed up boards
  • (v4.3) Removed Likes from Top Pins board
  • (v4.3) Added sort order options to backed up boards
  • (v4.3) Corrected problem with backing up boards with zero pins.
  • (v4.2) Added prompt for login attempt from old Pinterest look.
  • (v4.1) Disabled send log prompt when backup is cancelled because user plan has expired.
  • (v4.0) Update bulk operations to work with jQuery update.
  • (v3.9) Added install/uninstall tracking.
  • (v3.8) Added check for update when window is opened, and option to install and restart.
  • (v3.7) Corrected new windows not updating login.
  • (v3.6) Updated Pin4Ever app_version search.
  • (v3.5) Increased timeout to 20 seconds and decreased retries to 10.
  • (v3.5) Made login more efficient.
  • (v3.4) Added extra log statement to login to detect failed logins.
  • (v3.3) Increased query timeout to to 60 seconds.
  • (v3.2) Added retries and prompt to send log on failure to login process.
  • (v3.2) Added low drive space warning when running a backup.
  • (v3.2) Added retries to partial page returns when updating the pin details.
  • (v3.1) Corrected problem with log prompt not showing on all backup cancellations.
  • (v3.0) Pin4Ever version now sent with log upload from extension.
  • (v2.9) Changed send log prompt to infinite duration.
  • (v2.8) Added send log prompts to failed bulk operations and backups.
  • (v2.8) Added send log link to settings.
  • (v2.7) Corrected problem caused when Pinterest updated some pages preventing Pin4Ever from logging in.
  • (v2.6) Corrected problem caused when Pinterest updated some pages preventing additional board page parts to backup.
  • (v2.5) Added version and user agent to log entries
  • (v2.4) Added reporting to bulk editing.
  • (v2.3) Corrected problem caused when Pinterest updated some pages preventing additional board page parts to backup.
  • (v2.2) Corrected problem caused when Pinterest updated some pages preventing Pin4Ever from logging in.
  • (v2.1) Corrected problem when Pinterest is down, Pin4Ever was showing that it was logging in.
  • (v2.0) Corrected problem with backup plans not opening from backup window.
  • (v1.9) Made backup window a modal dialog.
  • (v1.9) Added stats box when backup completes.
  • (v1.8) Corrected problem with new Firefox 23.
  • (v1.7) Added link to preferences to view the current plan.
  • (v1.6) Corrected pin totals on boards page for high number of pins.
  • (v1.6) Corrected sporadic problem with cancelling a running backup.
  • (v1.6) Corrected problem with some youtube videos being embedded in an iframe.
  • (v1.5) Corrected backup include all checkbox not always checking non-visible checkboxes.
  • (v1.5) Corrected board name problem with special characters.
  • (v1.4) Corrected problem limited run plans.
  • (v1.3) Corrected problem with mini-toolbar.
  • (v1.2) Updated database creation routines to prevent lockups on install.
  • (v1.2) Corrected problem with some boards missing an id preventing them from begin backed up.

How To Not Exceed Pinterest’s Pinning and Following Speed Limits

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When pinning multiple pins or followingHow To Not Exceed Pinterest’s Pinning and Following Speed Limits multiple pinners with Pin4Ever’s power tools,  you may encounter the dreaded Pinterest “slow down” message, and be blocked.  This means that you exceeded the speed limit, and you will probably have to wait at least an hour before you try again, and then go even slower.  If you exceed the speed limit again, you may get blocked for 24 hours, or more.

For using Pin4Ever’s Power Follow Tool, as of the date of this article, for established Pinterest accounts, Power Follow will currently do 300 follows within an hour (this will take approximately under 2 minutes on a high-speed internet connection); however,  301 follows in this same time period, will get you blocked for an hour.  Or you can follow 240 per hour, steady, non-stop around the clock, which is about a 15 second delay, and not get blocked.

How To Not Exceed Pinterest’s Pinning and Following Speed Limits

Pin4Ever Power Follow Following Back Pinners

When using other Pin4Ever tools that pin pins, such as Bulk Image Upload and Restore From Backup, we have yet to experiment with the pinning rates, but they are probably along the same lines.  These rates are currently tied to your IP address, not to your account or your computer.  What this means is that only so many pins and follows per house in a certain amount of time.   Also, when you start a new account, those speed limits are much lower!

How To Not Exceed Pinterest’s Pinning and Following Speed Limits

Pin4Ever Restoring Boards And Pins To Pinterest

Running a backup of your pins with Pin4Ever’s Backup tool usually runs much faster, at about 500 pins per minute, depending on your physical connection speed to Pinterest, and whether or not you are pinning during a high traffic time.  This tool is free to try for the first week, and you can view and keep your backups forever, without spending a dime.

Please feel free to try Pin4Ever to test out the rates, and comment below on what you find out, and we will add your insights to this article.  Keep in mind, that Pinterest seems to change things on a daily basis, as they reportedly have about 70 engineers on the payroll that need something to do, so these rates could be changing as I type!

Happy pinning and following!


UPDATE: January 22, 2014:

Some tests restoring pins to Pinterest using the Pin4Ever Restore From Backup feature reveal that about 88 continuous pins can be restored with  no delay in between pins.  After waiting a few minutes, anther 17 pins were able to be uploaded.  Then setting the delay to 15 seconds between each pin, the speed limit was not exceeded until 74 pins were updated.  So the pinning speed limit seems to be about a third to a fourth of the following speed limit.

UPDATE: May 25, 2014:

At the request of one of our best customers, I did another power follow test and was able to continuously follow an unlimited amount of users without Pinterest blocking me, when the delay was set at 15 seconds between follows.  Remember, this following rate is per IP Address, so if you have multiple accounts and/or multiple computers in your house, they usually all share the same dynamic IP address assigned by your internet provider, and you only get so many follows per IP per hour (around 240).