Pinterest’s Next New Feature?

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Is Pinterest testing a new feature? Click for details!I was recently contacted by a fellow pinner, via a comment left on one of our Pin4Ever pins.  She said she had just joined Pinterest after Christmas, and had really liked the choice of “bold” background colors for viewing her boards.  After a malware attack and clearing her cache, she was left with only Pinterest’s standard “ugly gray background.”

The pinner asked if I knew of any remedy to restore the bold color option.  Unfortunately, I did not, as Pinterest offering a background color choice is not something I’ve experienced or read anything about.

Apparently, at least some pinners are being offered this option to change the background color.  Perhaps you have it on your own account, but haven’t noticed it yet.  The woman who contacted me said the color choice was located in a pull-down or drop-down box under the Likes section of her account.

The Pinterest Help section says “From time to time, we do test out new ideas and features with select groups of Pinners to make sure they really feel right before we introduce them to the rest of the world.”  After collecting data and feedback, the Pinterest team makes a decision about whether to roll out the new feature for all pinners, or try something else.

Have you seen the color choice option, or any other new feature tests, on your account?  Please let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Pinterest’s Next New Feature?”

  1. On my account I have got the new gif feature that they are testing … in the beginning it irritated me, as I could not understand why on some of my pictures I got a relatively large gif symbol at the bottom on an image. Last night by pure chance I found an article on Mashable, telling me what this feature was all about;

    I was also surprised to see on the “related pins” the option to like or dislike. Have not done this yet, as I have not idea what this feature means, again it would be really useful if Pinterest sent you a short email letting you know what new features they are letting you test.

    Did you also see the following article ~ | Wall Street Journal interview with Pinterest CEO.

    Regards, Monika

    1. They are also making changes to the categories … I hardly use this feature so I was not aware of the changes, but two pinners have come through in the last week, voicing their discontent with the “new” categories feature.

      1. I hadn’t noticed the new categories either, I’ll have to look! It usually takes all my Pinterest time to get through my Home Feed, so I rarely seek out more pins under the categories.

    2. I’ve seen the GIFs now, after reading about them.

      I personally like the related pins. Not every pin is interesting to me, but a few have been very relevant to my interests. I haven’t given any feedback on the related pins yet, and I don’t know if I should. If their algorithm is sensitive enough it might work to make them even more related — but if it’s not well done, I might stop seeing any pins of a type I actually like. So I’ll probably just keep observing and repin the ones I like.

      I did read that article. Every time I read an interview with Ben, I think what a nice person he seems to be! The promoted pins should be interesting. I don’t think I’ll mind them too much. I think it will be like the related pins, and I’ll click on the ones that pique my interest and overlook the ones that don’t. I just hope there won’t be too many of them!

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