The Easy, Fast, Free Way to See Your Most Popular Pins!

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What's the easiest, fastest, FREE way to see your most popular pins? Click to read the article!If you have a blog or website, I’m sure you’re aware of how much traffic Pinterest can generate for you.  Even if you have a personal account and no financial incentive, it’s flattering to gain followers and earn lots of repins and likes. But do you know exactly which of your pins are your followers’ favorites?  Though there are other methods, Pin4Ever’s backups have a quick, easy and free way to see at a glance the most repinned and liked content on your boards.

You can get information on your Most Repinned and Most Clicked pins from Pinterest’s own Analytics, if you have a business account.  However, it would take frequent downloads of the data and number crunching to figure out your most popular pins over a span of time.  Also, the Pinterest Analytics tools were added long after many pinners became active, and so they can’t tell you anything about pins made before March 12, 2013.

Another option is to keep track of Google Analytics’ reports of which pins are bringing visitors to your site.  Again, to do this, you will need to collect data over time, and then use a program or manually combine and sort the data.  And this information covers just the clicks, rather than your actual repins and likes on Pinterest.

Finally, you can choose to use a paid Pinterest analytics service to collect the data and analyze it for you.  There are a number of them out there.

But, there’s another alternative!  Instead of investing all that time, effort and/or money into gathering these useful facts about your pins, you can try a free Pin4Ever backup if you haven’t yet.

As soon as you run a Pin4Ever backup for the first time, you will have access to some helpful tools for refining your Pinterest strategy, and evaluating your pinning successes and failures.  When you click “Show Backup” on the Pin4Ever toolbar, the first category board you see will be your Top Pins!  All of the images from your Pinterest boards are here, and the ones that have gotten the most repins and likes will be at the top of the board.  Each pin in your backup will display the number of repins and likes, your description, a link to its location on Pinterest, and a link to the original website source.

From your main backup page, when you click on an individual category board, there is a link on the top left that lets you choose whether to sort by “most recent” or “most popular.”  With this, you can see the most popular pins on just one of your boards, if you like.

In addition to displaying your Top Pins, Pin4Ever has many other helpful tools that make managing a Pinterest account easier and more fun.  Please visit our homepage to read more about Pin4Ever’s features, and get a one week free trial, which includes backups and seeing your Top Pins.

When you view your most popular pins in your backup, you will get valuable information about what types of things you should be pinning more, to keep your followers interested and/or to further increase traffic to your blog or website.  You can even reuse these star pins by creating something like Made from Pinterest’s “Pinned over 1,000 times!” board, or by writing a blog post about your most successful pins!

Will you use Pin4Ever’s Top Pins to hone your pinning strategy for business or personal use?  Are there other tools we offer that help you manage your Pinterest account or market your business?  Please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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