How to Pin a Pinterest Board

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How to Pin a Pinterest board, the Easy Way with This FREE Tool!When I am browsing Pinterest, I sometimes see a fantastic board that I want to come back to later because I don’t have time to get through all of the pins. I also keep a board with links to my favorite websites, and sometimes I want to include a whole Pinterest board as a resource on a certain topic, too.

Of course, the Pin It button does not work on the Pinterest website. And even following a board is not going to ensure that you see all of the pins now, since Pinterest released their new Smart Feed. You’ll see some of the pins with Smart Feed, but pinning a board can remind you to go back to check for new pins that didn’t make it into your feed.

Pin4Ever’s Pin Anything button is a free tool that anyone can use to pin a Pinterest board. In fact, Pin Anything can be used on other websites like Facebook, which are otherwise difficult to pin from. It can even be used to pin articles which have only text and no image at all; just take a screenshot of the headline.

To use Pin Anything, follow these simple instructions:

1. Download the Pin4Ever program by clicking the green “Install Now” button on

2. Click the Power Tools button on the Pin4Ever toolbar, and click the Pin Anything button.  (If you are using the minimized toolbar, you only need to click the camera icon.)

3. Left click with your mouse at one corner of the image you want to create, and then drag away from that point until the rectangle is the size you want.

4. When you release the mouse button, you will see a pop-up box showing the custom screenshot you created, any description the website owner has provided for the page, and the link filled in for the webpage you are on. If you like, you can type in the description box to change it.  (Like on Pinterest, you can highlight any text that you want to include in your description, before clicking the Pin Anything button.)

5. When you’re happy with the image, description, and link, select a board from the drop down box at the top of the pop-up box, and click “Create Pin.”

It’s that simple to pin a Pinterest board, a Facebook post, or an article that lacks images. With this free tool offered by Pin4Ever, you really can “Pin Anything”!

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