Pinterest Down? Pin4Ever Backups to the Rescue!

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Is Pinterest down? Pin4Ever can help! Yesterday, thousands – perhaps millions – of people around the globe experienced problems with Pinterest. Today, many people are still reporting that Pinterest is down for them on Twitter.  When the Pinterest website has its glitches, it’s nice to know that a Pin4Ever backup saved on your own computer has a copy of all the information you need.

Among the numerous complaints about losing Pinterest access yesterday, one pinner said she needed a recipe for her child’s birthday party, and couldn’t make it because she couldn’t get to her pin.  If she had had a Pin4Ever backup, she could have easily searched for the recipe, and then clicked the link in it to go to the original website that was the source of the pin.

Many other pinners are reporting that their Pinterest Followers and Following are disappearing. With a Pin4Ever backup, in addition to your pins, likes and boards, you also have a complete record of your Followers and Following on the date you run the backup, in case you ever need it.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Pinterest has had down time.  Even The Huffington Post has covered similar Pinterest website glitches in the past.  Why take the risk that you may lose access to your pins and other information, either temporarily or permanently? Protect your account with a Pin4Ever backup today!

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