Pinterest’s Next New Feature?

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Is Pinterest testing a new feature? Click for details!I was recently contacted by a fellow pinner, via a comment left on one of our Pin4Ever pins.  She said she had just joined Pinterest after Christmas, and had really liked the choice of “bold” background colors for viewing her boards.  After a malware attack and clearing her cache, she was left with only Pinterest’s standard “ugly gray background.”

The pinner asked if I knew of any remedy to restore the bold color option.  Unfortunately, I did not, as Pinterest offering a background color choice is not something I’ve experienced or read anything about.

Apparently, at least some pinners are being offered this option to change the background color.  Perhaps you have it on your own account, but haven’t noticed it yet.  The woman who contacted me said the color choice was located in a pull-down or drop-down box under the Likes section of her account.

The Pinterest Help section says “From time to time, we do test out new ideas and features with select groups of Pinners to make sure they really feel right before we introduce them to the rest of the world.”  After collecting data and feedback, the Pinterest team makes a decision about whether to roll out the new feature for all pinners, or try something else.

Have you seen the color choice option, or any other new feature tests, on your account?  Please let us know in the comments!